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  • Cyber Strategy: Defense-in-Depth

    Cyber Strategy: Defense-in-Depth

    The chart here presents an illustrative guide to the multi-layered strategy known as “Defense-in-Depth” as a 3D pyramid with different levels, each representing a distinct layer of security measures and policies, underscoring the complexity and…

  • Rising Tides of War

    Rising Tides of War

    Cybersecurity has become an increasingly critical concern for businesses and individuals alike. With the…

  • Know your enemy.

    Know your enemy.

    Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing have gained high importance especially in the last couple…

  • Cyber Strategy: Defense-in-Depth
  • Rising Tides of War
  • Know your enemy.
  • Defining “Threat Management”…
  • Simplifying Cyber Security
  • The Dawn of SecAI
  • The Future is NOW: Security SaaS trends in 2024
  • Achieving More Effective Risk Management
  • Understanding Breaches: The Incident Response Playbook
  • Human Vulnerability: “The Devil is in all of you!”
  • Wartime Cyber Insurance: Mitigate Risks, Not Threats
  • Introduction to GRC: Governance, Risk, and Compliance

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