Defining “Threat Management”…

Proactive Data Defense

Use our robust cybersecurity solution designed to proactively safeguard your digital assets using SecAI. Our platform continuously monitors the digital landscape, ensuring that emerging threats are identified and mitigated promptly using SecAi and integration of the world’s top security data enrichment APIs with our next-generation attack surface monitoring platform.

Our suite of security tools includes:

  • Real-Time Attack Surface Monitoring: Continuously track changes in your digital environment, with alerts for critical changes, such as open ports and service modifications.
  • Automated Threat Detection and Response: Leverage automated scanning capabilities to promptly identify and react to new vulnerabilities, minimizing the need for manual oversight.
  • Enterprise-Caliber Security for SMBs: Access high-end security technology, offering protection standards akin to those used by large enterprises and government agencies.

Core Features

  • Digital Footprint Oversight: Maintain vigilance over your online presence, receiving timely notifications about significant alterations.
  • Automated Security Assessments: Benefit from automated scans that proactively detect vulnerabilities and security gaps.
  • Simplified Reporting & Compliance: Streamline your compliance processes with our intelligent, automated reporting tools.

Seamless Integration

  • RESTful JSON API Access: Integrate ZEPSEC seamlessly into your existing security infrastructure with our RESTful JSON API, ensuring a smooth and customizable integration process.

Security Data Enrichment

  • Leading Vulnerability and Security Data APIs: ZEPSEC integrates with top-tier security data enrichment APIs, including VirusTotal, IBM X-Force, VulDB, and These integrations enhance your vulnerability tracking capabilities, providing enriched data for more accurate and comprehensive security analysis.
  • Advanced Network Scanning with Incorporate exhaustive network scanning to reveal a wider array of connected devices, fortifying your network security.

AI-Powered Mitigation

  • AI-Driven Policy Creation: Utilize OpenAI for the generation of bespoke security policies, tailored to specific threat models and business needs.
  • AI-Assisted Analysis for Strategic Defense: Employ AI-driven analysis of vulnerability scans, system logs, and infrastructure code, enabling the formulation of effective mitigation strategies.
  • Predictive Threat Analytics: Utilize AI algorithms to analyze internal communications for predictive threat modeling, enhancing your preemptive security measures.

Digital Transformation Ready

  • Holistic Cybersecurity Approach: ZEPSEC delivers an all-encompassing cybersecurity framework, adept at addressing the multifaceted nature of modern digital threats.
  • Scalability and Customization: Designed to scale alongside your business, ZEPSEC offers extensive customization to meet specific organizational requirements.
  • Technical Proficiency and Ease of Use: While technically sophisticated, ZEPSEC maintains a user-friendly interface, facilitating ease of adoption and operational efficiency.

Made For Managers

  • Robust Cybersecurity Management: ZEPSEC is engineered to provide comprehensive cybersecurity management, suitable for complex IT environments.
  • Innovative Incident and Vulnerability Tracking: Benefit from advanced tracking and management of security incidents and vulnerabilities.
  • Seamless Integration for Holistic Security Management: ZEPSEC’s integrative capabilities make it an ideal choice for a unified, all-in-one IT security platform.

Advanced Technical Features

  • Granular User Access and Role Management: Exercise precise control over user permissions, enhancing operational security and integrity.
  • Efficient Publication and Content Management: Manage and distribute digital content securely and efficiently.
  • Comprehensive Host and Network Monitoring: Execute sophisticated network scans and monitor hosts, ensuring thorough security assessments.
  • Customizable Reporting for Informed Decision-Making: Create tailored reports, facilitating strategic analysis and decision-making processes.
  • Real-Time Vulnerability and Incident Tracking: Stay abreast of emerging threats with our real-time tracking capabilities.

Empower Your IT Strategy

  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution: Embrace a complete, state-of-the-art cybersecurity solution with ZEPSEC.
  • Custom-Fit for Your Organization: Mold ZEPSEC’s features to align perfectly with your organization’s unique cybersecurity needs.
  • Effortless Integration and User-Friendly Experience: Enjoy a platform that’s not only powerful but also intuitive and easy to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure.

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